Careers At KBRwyle in Missile Defense

KBRwyle is committed to recruiting, retaining and developing outstanding professionals to serve the missile defense community.

KBRwyle has provided engineering and integration services for more than 35 years to the Missile Defense Community and is pursing the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Technical, Engineering, Advisory and Management Support (TEAMS) Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) Systems Engineering (SE) (including Modeling and Simulation) contract with openings in Huntsville, NCR and Colorado Springs.

KBRwyle is seeking qualified engineers and analysts to join our team to further the development of the BMD system architecture; future concepts; requirements and technical baseline definition; system integration and test; capability assessment; delivery to the warfighter; modeling and simulation; and threat systems. Positions are available within the MDA Engineering Directorate and the individual BMD element stakeholders including Aegis, BMD, C2BMC, Sensors, Targets and Countermeasures, THAAD, and the Modeling and Simulation Program.

Interested applicants please submit your information here.