Government Healthcare

KBRwyle’s expertise includes space medicine operations and training, public health, occupational medicine, epidemiology, clinical laboratory operations and health data management system design and operation.

Healthcare Technology and Solutions
KBRwyle's heritage HTSI provides comprehensive healthcare expertise, technologies, and solutions to improve patient outcomes and safety, increase clinical performance, and reduce bottom line economics that are driving the transformation of healthcare delivery.
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Healthcare Training
KBRwyle personnel are responsible for training astronauts, flight surgeons, biomedical engineer flight controllers and others on health care applications for space flight.
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Medical and Biomedical Research Laboratories
KBRwyle provides primary support and operation of the Biomedical Research Laboratories at NASA Johnson Space Center.
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Medical Systems Engineering and Integration
KBRwyle provides unique hardware and software systems solutions using skill sets in project management, systems engineering and design engineering.
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Occupational Medicine
KBRwyle manages all Johnson Space Center Occupational Medical and Health programs and provides the highly skilled and trained staff to implement them.
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Space Station Environmental Factors Research and Development
KBRwyle investigates environmental issues associated with space flight and develops operationally acceptable standards and methodologies to minimize risk to the crewmembers.
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