Air Force Satellite Control Network


Working with us provides government agencies with the lowest risk and minimal contract transition, preserves their investment, and subject matter expertise on day one.

Only KBRwyle's heritage HTSI can provide full vertical integration of all Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) requirements on day one, ensuring immediate delivery of integrated capabilities and cost savings, while maintaining network performance. Cross-utilization of AFSCN and Consolidated AFSCN Modifications, Maintenance and Operations (CAMMO) program management office (PMO) and key staff on day one eliminates redundant tasks, supports efficiency and minimizes transition risk.

Other key benefits include:

  • Fully compliant test bed facility (I&TSF) located at KBRwyle's heritage HTSI Colorado Springs (COS) facility
  • Streamlined AFSCN critical-material handling infrastructure, warehousing, and enabled efficient combining of depot and organic-level maintenance
  • KBRwyle's heritage HTSI-introduced remote operations capability
  • In-depth knowledge of the AFSCN architecture, systems, modernization and network, mitigates steep learning curve required of nearest competitor
  • Mature processes tailored to AFSCN sustainment and maintenance
  • Certified operations staff provided by partners – Raytheon and Rome Research, plus key staff rehires

No other team has the depth and breadth of systems-knowledgeable engineers, technicians, maintenance personnel and logisticians.