Aircrew and Flight Test Support Services

KBRwyle's flight operations team has more than 50 years of flight test support experience gained through partnership with the U.S. Navy and Air Force, and other government and commercial customers.

KBRwyle offers low-risk flight test support operations; cost savings through established processes and innovative project execution; access to a broad range of flight test experience, and the benefit of fully current and qualified GFR flight organizations. KBRwyle's worldwide coverage enables it to recruit and hire qualified people in response to emerging requirements anywhere in the world.

Examples of KBRwyle’s expertise include:

  • Aircrew support of U.S. Naval Test Pilot School flight evaluations
  • Aircrew services for KC-130 in-flight refueling support of the Naval Air Warfare Center F/A-18E/F flight test program
  • A wide range of fixed and rotary wing flying qualities, performance and system integration flight test support

KBRwyle capabilities include:

  • Flight operations
  • Patrol and antisubmarine warfare
  • Test pilot
  • Test aircrew
  • Test pilot training and instructor support
  • Test technical report writing and program decision support
  • Test pilot training and instructor support
  • Design of collection profiles for data acquisition and post test analysis

KBRwyle also provides numerous flight-test related services for the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, NASA and other entities including:

  • Acceleration protection services through centrifuge operation and support
  • Aeromedical equipment evaluation
  • Aircrew performance and protection services
  • Altitude protection services
  • Flight safety and risk management services
  • Research and testing to support sustained operations such as countermeasures for warfighter fatigue