Commercial Spaceflight Services

KBRwyle offers comprehensive health and human performance services for commercial human spaceflight customers built upon its vast experience providing healthcare, training and in-flight and ground support of astronauts worldwide.

KBRwyle is actively engaged in commercial spaceflight mission operations. The company leads the health management of prospective commercial space flyers, consults on the design of space port facilities, and provides essential technical assistance to government and industry forums. KBRwyle’s expertise serving humans who operate in harsh environments make it the go-to company when it comes to human performance for the commercial space marketplace.

KBRwyle’s commercial services include:

  • Medical screening
  • Post-flight medical and rehabilitation support
  • Major remedial medical evaluation and treatment
  • Flight readiness training
    • Acceleration and physiologic training
      • Physical readiness training
      • In-flight operations training
      • Training tailored for the specific individual or flight program

Commercial training programs for crew and participants include:

  • Flight readiness training (i.e. centrifuge testing and training, hypoxia training and emergency egress training)
  • Optional training including additional centrifuge runs, zero gravity flights, underwater training, emergency medical kit training, science program training, EVA training and preparation, and customer specific programs