Flight Test Photography and Video

KBRwyle offers professional airborne and ground-based photography, video and multimedia services to add reliable, critical, value-added support to your project. KBRwyle provides a rapid, secure, and professional imaging experience with a fully digital delivery protocol that ensures CAC level security while accelerating the turnaround time for most projects. Depending on mission complexity and the data collection format requirements, KBRwyle can often deliver initial edits in 24-48 hours.

We Specialize in Flight Test Photography:

  • KBRwyle’s in-house photographic support includes comprehensive customer service, logistical project planning and professional coverage for aerial, water and ground testing -- from planning to execution, to delivery, to end product.
  • KBRwyle’s highly skilled photographers have more than 20 years of combined airborne imaging experience.
  • KBRwyle’s specialized aircrew shares a diverse foundation of flight experiences including fixed and rotary wing platforms, performance, and system integrated flight test support that provide customers with an unparalleled capacity to meet the challenging demands of the military flight test data collection.
  • KBRwyle uses state-of-the-art equipment to stay on the cutting edge of airborne still and motion picture flight test documentation.
  • KBRwyle is able to serve as an active partner in photographic analysis by providing expert advice of photographic test data.
  • KBRwyle is able to best meet the needs of the military and flight test communities by enhancing engineering data in a convenient, cost-effective and reliable way.

We Provide Professional Multimedia Services:

  • KBRwyle’s multimedia services can produce photographs, videos, and graphic products used for everything from data analysis and visual records to marketing, decorative, and advertisement purposes.
  • With the support of the KBRwyle Production Services Department, resources are available to produce an extensive variety of tailored professional products to satisfy almost all requirements.

For more information contact KBRwyle at:
Liz Wolter
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