Healthcare Technology and Solutions


For improved performance, efficiency and reliability, partner with us at the earliest stages of planning for your new hospital.

Improving patient outcomes and safety, increasing clinical performance and reducing bottom line economics are driving the transformation of healthcare delivery. The changes demand providers, hospitals and health systems to respond now and be adaptable and scalable for future challenges.

We can help you meet today’s needs and be ready for tomorrow. Our experience, expertise and array of innovative solutions will help you solve your toughest challenges: Enhancing your patients’ experience; improving medical outcomes; increasing patient safety; keeping records and data secure and private; and reducing your facilities, operations and enterprise costs.

Our comprehensive healthcare expertise, technologies and solutions include:

  • Architectural / engineering / activation services / initial outfitting
  • Building solutions
  • Cybersecurity
  • Physical security
  • Information technology (IT) systems engineering
  • Infrastructure management

We have decades of experience providing integrated healthcare solutions and offers a wide range of cutting edge technologies that help to achieve positive results in patient outcomes and operational cost savings that are measurable and sustainable.

See where KBRwyle's heritage HTSI Healthcare can make a difference in your facility.