Lifecycle Engineering and Support

KBRwyle performs a wide range of engineering support services to help optimize performance and control costs of systems, vehicles and aircraft over their entire lifecycle.

For example, KBRwyle lifecycle engineering support includes performing detailed inspections of U.S. Air Force aircraft engine components to determine whether the components should be discarded or returned to service. This aging aircraft program is just one example of KBRwyle's preventive and remedial maintenance engineering work. Typically, inspections are performed using KBRwyle’s proprietary technology Eddy Current Inspection System (ECIS). The ECIS detects cracks and flaws that cannot be reliably detected by other inspection systems.

KBRwyle's experience also extends to the identification of affordability/supportability problems that have the potential to be addressed via technology insertion to lower life cycle costs.

KBRwyle’s support to U.S. Department of Defense depots includes investigation/analysis of equipment problems and a wide range of analyses relating to lifecycle engineering and logistics issues including:

  • Analysis of reliability, maintainability, and supportability issues
  • Lifecycle cost/total ownership cost analysis
  • Level-of-repair analysis
  • Reliability centered maintenance analysis
  • Integrated maintenance concept analysis
  • Investigation of maintenance and supportability problems
  • Analysis of maintenance requirements and development/update of maintenance plans
  • Evaluation of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance requirements

KBRwyle also:

  • Practices Flexible Sustainment which seeks innovative ways to ensure cost-wise operation over the long term.
  • Uses the Virtual Status Accounting Tracking System (VSATS) designed to provide up-to-date configuration information that allows managers to make informed and fact-based mission decisions.
  • Uses the Virtual Deficiency Analysis and Tracking System for deficiency reporting and tracking application designed for use in test and evaluation of aircraft, vehicles, range systems and DoD equipment.