Medical Systems Engineering and Integration

KBRwyle provides unique hardware and software systems solutions to its customers using skill sets in project management, systems engineering and design engineering. The company’s approach includes the joint development of project objectives which establish the value to our customer and traditional requirements baselining using state-of-the-art tools and industry proven processes. KBRwyle’s leaders, engineers and technicians are formally trained in project management and other engineering disciplines to provide a foundation for successful project life cycle development and sustaining engineering.

Cornerstones of KBRwyle’s integrated engineering approach include:

  • Baselined and audited Project Management Process certified by PMI coupled with Certified PMI Project Manager Professionals
  • Hardware and systems development based on lifecycle analysis and milestone metrics analysis
  • Systems engineering and configuration management providing both measurement and control for managing customer expectations, cost, schedule and technical performance.

Core KBRwyle systems engineering and integration skills include:

  • System architecture synthesis; define and refine system element alternatives
  • Requirements definition
    • Capturing requirement source
    • Define, derive and refine functional and performance requirements
    • Requirements generation, allocation, and traceability; establishing parent/child relationships to ensure proper requirements flow-down
    • Use of electronic requirements management tools to improve data usability and process efficiency
  • Systems engineering analysis
    • Human systems engineering and analysis
    • Mission operations analysis
    • Trade studies
    • Risk development
  • Integration verification and validation
    • System integration
    • Verification of requirements
    • Verification analysis
    • Risk development
  • System engineering process development and technical management

KBRwyle's ultimate goal is to improve technical processes such that they decrease response time to our customer, deliver the highest quality data product and ultimately impact the final end product in reducing cost, improving delivery time, or minimizing risks.