Medical and Biomedical Research Laboratories

KBRwyle provides primary support and operation of the Biomedical Research Laboratories at NASA Johnson Space Center. The mission of these laboratories is to conduct investigations into the mechanisms by which space flight affects human physiology, and to develop operationally acceptable countermeasures.

KBRwyle's primary responsibilities include:

  • Biomedical sample analyses and physiological performance tests supporting medical evaluations of International Space Station crewmembers
  • Scientific investigations of the operationally relevant medical, physiological, cellular, and biochemical issues associated with human space flight
  • Integrated ground-based and in-flight investigations
  • Clinical analyses for astronaut health care and selection

Laboratories were KBRwyle provides primary support and operation include:

  • Bone and Mineral Laboratory
  • Cardiovascular Laboratory
  • Exercise Physiology Laboratory
  • Extravehicular Activity EVA Physiology Laboratory
  • Immunology Laboratory
  • Neuroscience Laboratory
  • Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Radiation Biophysics Laboratory

In addition to these, KBRwyle also supports Special Test Facilities, Human Test Subject Facility C-9, and Pharmacotheraputics.