Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI)

KBRwyle is an internationally trusted leader in Advanced Non-Destructive Inspection (ANDI) and the application of advanced technology for high reliability non-destructive testing. KBRwyle provides NDI support to the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and commercial entities.

KBRwyle offers products and services to assess the structural integrity of mission critical systems and components and specializes in integrated solutions to challenging flaw detection and geometric complexity problems using eddy current and ultrasonic technology. KBRwyle services include the following products and services:

Aircraft Engine NDI

  • Automated disk inspection (systems, kits, software and accessories)
  • Inspection development and qualification
  • Sensor, gauge standards and tooling design

Inspection and Support Services

  • Engine component inspection services
  • Turbine blade fatigue assessment services
  • World-wide after sales support including on-site preventative/remedial maintenance

Structures NDI Applications

  • Aircraft skin and hidden substructure flaw detection and quantification
  • Turbine blade fatigue damage monitoring
  • NDI application development and prototyping to support life cycle sustainment programs such as Aging Aircraft

KBRwyle has served the NDI products and applications market for 30 years and is fully registered to the SAE AS9100 B - Aerospace Quality Assurance Standard (including ISO 9000:2000) and ASQR-01 from Pratt and Whitney.