Training Services

KBRwyle provides training, qualification, and associated support to the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and NASA. KBRwyle’s subject matter experts develop and conduct training for aviators, flight crews, astronauts, technicians, scientists and other professionals.

At the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School, KBRwyle’s instructors and coursework developers support customers by developing and conducting test pilot training and instructor support, flight curricula development and aircrew training.

For the Air Force Air and Space Operations Center (AOC), KBRwyle provides theatre battle management training and a full range of coursework and instruction services for the AOC’s Formal Training Unit (FTU) Initial Qualification Training (IQT).

At NASA, KBRwyle defines, develops and implements training for a comprehensive health care program for space flight crews and the International Space Station astronauts. KBRwyle provides these services pre-flight and on-board during long-duration missions. KBRwyle trains astronauts, flight surgeons, biomedical engineer flight controllers and crew medical officers on a variety of hardware, procedures, medical techniques, and health-related diagnostics and treatments.