Transportation Environmental Effects Services

KBRwyle scientists, engineers and analysts perform a wide range of technical services related to transportation environmental effects including monitoring, modeling, simulation and analysis. KBRwyle staffers also perform assessments of aviation systems and NextGen requirements.

KBRwyle leads the industry as a pioneer in the development of environmental models including:

  • The FAA’s Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT) for both local and system-wide modeling of environmental effects of aviation operations
  • NASA’s Rotocraft Noise Model (RNM) for advanced noise modeling of helicopter and tiltrotor operations
  • The National Park Service’s Noise Model Simulation (NMSim) for noise simulation of air tour operations over national parks
  • NASA’s PCBoom for modeling of sonic boom impacts from supersonic aircraft and space vehicle operations
  • The DOD Advanced Acoustic Model (AAM) for the advanced simulation of acoustic effects and propagation of military vehicles

KBRwyle is a recognized authority in all major environmental models (e.g., INM, TNM, EDMS, AEDT, AERMOD, CALPUFF, MOVES) with advanced expertise in the assessment of tradeoffs and interdependencies between noise, emissions, fuel burn, system capacity, and operational efficiency.

Other examples of KBRwyle’s services include:

  • Conducting radar data reduction and analysis for local and system-wide airspace operations
  • Conducting statistical analyses of aviation/airport traffic data and the assessment and optimization of flight trajectories
  • Developing key tools and databases for the FAA to analyze fleet, route and operational alternatives

Finally, KBRwyle plays key roles in the FAA Center of Excellence for Aircraft Noise and Aviation Emissions Mitigation (PARTNER), the NextGen Institute, the Society of Automotive Engineers and on multiple Transportation Research Boards (TRB).