Who We Are

Our Metrology Services approach has been developed over five decades, primarily through operation of a series of internal laboratories established to support the larger mission of the Honeywell Aerospace facility in which they operate. We then migrated externally to serve outside customers through our world-class approach to the metrology process. To support our military customers, Metrology Services capitalized on a highly trained workforce that includes a staff of personnel trained in Precision Measuring Equipment Laboratories (PMEL) and over 50 years of combined experience using both the METCAL and MEASURE programs.

In September 2016, Honeywell Metrology Services was acquired by KBR, Inc. and integrated into KBRwyle. KBRwyle recognizes Metrology as a critical support function that performs its role in an "operations-friendly" manner, acting as an enabler as the customer executes the primary mission of their organization. To this end, Metrology focuses on ensuring that accurate instruments are routinely available where and when needed, and that necessary "priority" calibrations are performed promptly.

Winning Staff
KBRwyle Metrology's staff of technicians, engineers and leadership are, arguably the best in the business. On average, each of our technicians have 15 years of experience, many with military metrology backgrounds. Combine that with mandatory Six Sigma Plus training and strong leadership support, we can consistently provide our customers with world-class service and quality.