Communications Electronics Command – Rapid Response 3rd Generation

Available to: Any C4ISR, BRAC related or COCOM originated tasks.  
Contract Type:  Multiple Award IDIQ
Contract Ceiling: $6.4B
Processing Time: 4-6 months

Program Description
Wyle is a prime contractor on the R23G contract which is a multiple award task order contract providing a broad performance work statement to satisfy customer mission requirements across the entire spectrum of federal agencies through FFP and CPFF tasks.  The contract is initially limited to C4ISR, BRAC and COCOM tasks due to Government staffing constraints but will be expanded to address any task except those that are inherently governmental functions, providing munitions, subsistence or security force protection.  The contract is managed by the CECOM CRC R2 Project Office, easy to use and low cost.

Task Areas: C4ISR, BRAC or COCOM originated
Contract Number:  W15P7T-10-D-D412
Task Order Types:  Firm Fixed Price (FFP), Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF)
Period of Performance: 7/2010 – 7/2015
Contracting Activity: US Army Communications Electronics-Life Cycle Management Command
Prime Contractor: Wyle

For more information contact Brian Blakely at brian.blakely@wyle.com.


Wyle Contact
Brian Blakely