Communications Electronics Command - Strategic Services Sourcing

Available to: Army C4ISR Customers (primarily CECOM affiliated)
Contract Type:  Multiple Award IDIQ
Contract Ceiling: $19.25B
Processing Time: Weeks

Program Description
Wyle is a subcontractor to both large business and small business primes for this multiple award task order contract to provide access to multiple prime contractors and subcontractors capable of performing the broad range of life cycle services required to fulfill varied C4ISR user demands. These demands may require services and incidental equipment to facilitate support to the Government in the areas of engineering, business operations and logistics services. These services may be performed in conjunction with new and existing C4ISR system of systems, family of systems, platforms, systems, subsystems and items through FFP, T&M or CPFF tasks.

Task Areas:  Engineering Services, Logistics Services, Business Operations Support Services
Contract Number:  W15P7T-06-D-E407 
Task Order Types:  Firm Fixed Price (FFP), Cost Reimbursable (CPFF, CPAF, CPIF), Time & Materials / Labor Hour
Period of Performance: 3/2006 – 3/2016
Contracting Activity: US Army Communications Electronics-Life Cycle Management Command
Prime Contractor: DSCI and CACI

For more information contact Brian Blakely at brian.blakely@wyle.com.


Wyle Contact
Brian Blakely