Homeland Defense and Security Technical Area Tasks

Available to: Any Federal Agency
Contract Type: Multiple Award IDIQ
Contract Ceiling: $900 Million
Website: HD TAT

Program Description
The broad technical scope described herein includes all Homeland Defense and Security-related RDT&E and R&D related A&AS services. These services may support all aspects of identified or potential military, national security-related, and dual use applications of related technologies and methods, as well as the development of tools and techniques that enhance the mission of the DoD Research and Engineering community. TATs may involve multi-year performance, may involve work for other than DoD customers, may be performed at multiple locations (to include performance outside the Continental United States), require Top Secret facility clearance, and may require personnel clearances up to Top Secret (compartmented and collateral).  The technical scope of HD TATs is defined as RDT&E and A&AS across eight broad focus areas: Homeland Defense and Security; Critical Infrastructure Protection; Weapons of Mass Destruction;  CBRN Defense; Biometrics;  Medical; Cultural Studies; and Alternative Energy.

Contract Number: FA8075-14-D-0013
Period of Performance: May 2014-April 2019
Prime Contractor: Wyle

Scope of Work
The scope of work includes the following tasks across all eight technical focus areas: Basic and applied RDT&E; Military or related operations; Development of doctrine, tactics or plans; Basic and applied research; Technical Development; Technical evaluations; Plans and Frameworks; Technology Implementation/application; Training (non-routine); Operations and Support Development Analysis; Access to general Subject Matter Expertise; Technical Conferences and Meetings; Other R&D or R&D Related A&AS Services.

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