Joint Test & Evaluation Engineering Service Multiple Award Contract

Available to: Defense Agencies
Contract Type: Multiple Award IDIQ
Order Limits: $945 Million
Processing Time: 30-60 days

Program Description
This contract provides support to the Joint Test and Evaluation (JT&E) programs directed or chartered by the Deputy Director, Air Warfare (DD,AW), Director, Operational Test and Evaluation.  Support includes, but is not limited to, organizing, developing and executing Joint Test.  Task Orders may require designing, planning and executing tests, analyzing test results, documenting and reporting on findings.  Products are normally presented as formal written reports or tabulations of findings.  In addition to supporting DOTE Joint Test functions, individual customers are allowed to use the contract for Test & Evaluation requirements by paying a small pass-through fee for contract administration. 

Contract Number: W91C9G-07-D-0001
Task Order Types: T/M
Period of Performance: January 2007-January 2017
Prime Contractor: Wyle 

Scope of Work
Systems Engineering, Systems Analysis, S/W Dev & Analysis, Information Assurance, Knowledge Management, Information Sharing, Networks, Test & Evaluation, Training & Exercise Support, Information Technology, Logistics, Material Buys, Program and Acquisition Management.

For more information contact Gary Evans at gary.evans@wyle.com.


Wyle Contact
Gary Evans