MDA MIDAESS Groups 1 2 3 4

Missile Defense Agency (MDA) – Missile Defense Agency Engineering and Support Services

Available to: MDA
Contract Type: Multiple Award ID/IQ
Contract Ceiling: N/A
Processing Time: 3 months

Program Description
MDA will use MiDAESS to prove the viability of Missile Defense through a well substantiated, comprehensive, and affordable Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) Test Program, implement national engineering and support services for the BMDS mission across the enterprise, enhance the sharing of BMD expertise and knowledge across the Agency, centralize the acquisition of support services manpower in a more efficient manner, and reduce Agency overhead cost enterprise-wide.

Wyle was awarded a subcontract for the MiDAESS Group 1 IDIQ to support Quality Safety and Mission Assurance (QSMA) requirements. This supports the Agency’s overall QSMA program in support of BMDS operations and testing throughout the entire MDA organization.

Wyle was awarded a subcontract for the MiDAESS Group 3 full and open (F&O) Engineering and Test support IDIQ. Wyle provides support for all phases of MDA Ground Testing to support the Test Directorate throughout the five phases of the test process within MDA: Test Event Requirements Phase, Test Event Planning and Design Phase, Test Event Readiness Phase, Test Event Execution Phase, and Test Event Analysis and Reporting Phase both in Huntsville and Colorado Springs. 

Wyle was awarded a subcontract for the MiDAESS Group 4 IDIQ to support Infrastructure and Deployment, with the purpose of providing requirements definition, planning, deployment, situational awareness and transition of Missile Defense Agency (MDA) developed capabilities to the military services for employment in support of Combatant Commander (COCOM) priorities (at the Program level) with our as the Prime.

Wyle was awarded a subcontract for the MiDAESS Group 5 IDIQ.  Support includes professional administrative support to the MDA Functional, Execution and Non-Matrix leadership and Organizations in Huntsville and reports to the Chief of Staff Directorate (DS) and covers geographically dispersed locations throughout the Agency Organization.

Contract Number: Varies
Task Order Types:
Period of Performance:   2010 – 2015
Contracting Activity: MDA
Prime Contractor: Varies

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